Jellyfish Network News on March 24 (Journalist QuWanyi)
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Jellyfish Network News on March 24 (Journalist QuWanyi)

“Our school has direct drinking water, we drink it directly” said Lyu Chenxiao, director of Nanshan Road Primary School. When our school planed to install water purification equipment to improve the safety and quality of drinking water for students and teachers, Yantai Jinzheng Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. supported us by installing RO water purifier for free. More than 1,000 students and teachers can drink the safe and pure drinking water.

In Nanshan Road Primary School, the journalist saw well-installed large RO water purifier in the drinking room. During the break, many students and teachers collected drinking water with their cups from the equipment. Lyu Chenxiao, Director of Nanshan Road Primary School appreciated the caring donation of Yantai Jinzheng: “The water purification equipment installed by Jinzheng for our school is not only with advanced technology but with professional maintenance. Thanks to the technicians of Jinzheng, for investigating the installation location for many times, designing the pipes and transporting the equipment. Moreover, they will be responsible for the later maintenance for a long term so as to ensure students and teachers can drink more safe and healthy water .”

Wang Shaoai, Director of Marketing Division of Yantai Jinzheng said: “The RO water purifier treats the raw water through the working procedures of the fine filter and granular activated carbon filter, at the same time, fully rejectes large amount of industrial pollutants, heavy metals and other impurities mixed into the water so that it can meet the physical and chemical indexes and hygiene standards under drinking standards, and produce cleanest and purest water.” As the drinking water is concerned to our health, the RO water purifier donated by Yantai Jinzheng represents not only the love and caring for students and teachers, but for their health. As said by Sui Xiangqian, Vice Manager of Business Division of Jinzheng “We purify water with love and give the children a healthy and pure childhood. This donation is the action that our company repays the society and gives the children our best wishes. In the future, we will install RO water purifier for free in more primary schools.”

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