Dedicated charity to help the teenagers and the elderly
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Out of a water treatment enterprise’s anxiety about the current water environment, Yantai Jinzheng Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. made a campus water purifier donation programme for teenagers in its early days and put it into practice constantly. After listed on Nasdaq, it worked out new programme that increased the quantity of water purifier donation to campuses where they suffered water-shortage and serious water pollution and arranged special donation teams to serve the schools.

Once by chance, the staff of Jinzheng visited Yantai Xiulin Nursing home, Mr. Guo, General Manager of the Nursing home told them the original intention of his foundation was that: the elderly should have happy later life, and their sons and daughters have various difficulties in supporting them. A nursing home offers a variety of satisfactory amenities to the elderly for their children.Nursing home. In order to show our company’s respect and love for the elderly and hope them enjoy drinking pure water, Jinzheng decided to increase the water purifier donation programme for the nursing home based on the previousone .

As soon as the donation programme was made, Jinzheng Eco-Technology sent RO water purifier to Xiulin Nursing home and arranged engineers to finish the installation in the shortest time, so that the elders can drink the clean and purified water. And the grandparents were very happy for drinking clean water and expressed their thanks again and again. 

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