Treatment of the wastewater for a titanium dioxide manufacturer in Shandong province

Project Overview 

Due to the production needs, a titanium dioxide manufacture in Shandong produces washing water three times for each production. The manufacturer requires all newly installed membrane equipment to reuse the washing water with 2400 m3 raw water per day. The water mainly contained sodium sulfate and a certain amount of suspended titanium dioxide particles, with calcium and magnesium hardness 2-3 mg/L, conductivity 2000 us/cm2 and temperature 40-50 ℃. The water treatment process was difficult because the raw water was in high temperature and contained a certain amount of unstable micro-titanium dioxide particles, which seriously hindered the application of the traditional spiral-wound membrane separator.

Solution: Our Wastewater Treatment Process

On August 13, 2015, the manufacturer signed a contract with our company by using the BOT model (Build-Operate-Transfer). Our company custom designed and manufacture a set of treatment equipment with total water treatment capacity 2400 m3/d, total fresh water production 1920 m3/d and recovery rate as high as 90%.

After three years of stable operations, the operation was transferred to an operating company when our contract expired on April 10, 2018. This project was the first case in China to use the disc tube reverse osmosis (DTRO) technology to reuse the third washing water, leading the application of the DTRO technology in wastewater reuse in the titanium industry.

The Advantages of Jinzheng’s Wastewater treatment technology 

1. Flexible and impact-resistant operation with stable and up-to standard effluent water

2.Minimum membrane fouling and contamination and long membrane life

3. Easily maintained membrane module and low replacement cost for the membrane

4.Low investment and operating costs

5.High degree of automation and easy operation

6.Small footprint