Zero-Liquid Discharge (“ZLD”) of Printing and dyeing wastewater and resue of recycled waterin Shangdong Province

Project Overview

This project was a ZLD project of a printing and dyeing manufacture in Shangdong province. Our company was responsible for the DTRO part. The raw water was reverse osmosis concentrated water, with 900 m3/d totally. COD of the wastewater was 2170 ppm and TDS of the wastewater was 50000 mg/L. More than 80% of the wastewater was sodium sulfate.

The Wastewater Characteristics:

1. High concentration of pollutants

2. Complex composition

3. Complicated treatment process

Solution: Our DTRO Treatment Process

We adopted DTRO process with the designed treatment capacity of 900 m3/day. The water recovery rate attained 50% and the system design effluent was50 m3/day. Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) of wastewater was fully realized. Our DTRO treatment process not only prevents the environmental pollution of the highly polluted wastewater, but also transforms the wastewater into clean water so as to recycle water resources.

Our Advantages        

1. Stable and up to standard of the effluent, which is not affected by the quality of the raw water

2. Flexible and impact resistant operation    

3. Minimal membrane fouling and contamination

4. Long membrane life

5. Easy to maintain membrane module

6. Low replacement cost of the membrane disc

7. Low investment and operating costs

8. High degree of automation