High salt water reuse in Inner Mongolia chemical industry

Project Overview

A large-scale chemical manufacturer in Inner Mongolia had a high salt water evaporation pond with an existing high salt water level of about 1 million cubic meters. Every day, 1000 cubic meters of high salt water was added to the pond. The continuous increase of salt water brought serious overflowing risk to the pond, so it was in urgent need of treatment of the wastewater.

Project challenges:

1. High salt and high risk of overflowing wastewater

2. High organic content

3. The high fluctuation of the concentration of salty wastewater

4. The complex waste water composition and the disposal challenge

Solution: Our DTRO Treatment system

The project owner went through the on-site inspection of several high-salt water projects that we completed and was very impressed with the process of our pretreatment membrane system. We signed the contract for this project on December 25, 2017. The DTRO equipment was delivered to the project site on January 2, 2018, and on January 23, 2018, the commission staged was successfully commenced. Today, the DTRO equipment is in steady operation.

The Advantages of Jinzheng

1. Simple pretreatment process small floor space and high mobility of the equipment

2. Little or no physical blockage, and minimal scale and pollution

3. A long membrane life

4. High recovery rate and low energy consumption