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Newater Held DTRO Product Event in Yantai
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On July 12, 2019, Newater Technology Inc. (Newater) held its first DTRO Product Event in Yantai. More than 180 participants from all over the world attended the event. The event aims to demonstrate and promote DTRO technology and product application.

At the event, Newater’s management team shared its vision of a wider adoption of the DTRO technology in treating landfill leachate, municipal wastewater, common effluent from industrial parks and mine water. At the event, Newater revealed its action plan to open source its project blueprints, technical drawings and engineering application. Most importantly, Newater released its new pricing plan for DTRO modules.

In 2018, Newater designed and built the world’s first fully-automated production line for DTRO modules. With the final tuning completed in 2019, Newater’s production capacity has multiplied with the average cost per module significantly reduced. Keeping quality at first, Newater’s DTRO modules use exclusively Dow’s membrane and brand new plastic materials in its hydraulic disks. At the same time, the machine-monitored quality control process has the product defective rate contained within 0.01%. Participants at the event visited Newater’s new campus and witnessed the production line operating at full speed.

With Newater’s DTRO modules at the new pricing level, Newater believes both project contractors and end users who were hesitant to use DTRO systems would now reconsider and appreciate DTRO’s leading performance and reduced system costs.

Continuing its market and sales efforts in selling DTRO systems in China, Newater now expands its market by offering to sell DTRO modules to project contractors, operation & maintenance companies, and DTRO system integrators all over the world.


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