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Jinzheng Eco-Technology Received Taxpayer Award
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On Feb 13, 2019, Yantai Jinzheng Eco-Technology Inc. received “Backbone Taxpayer” award from Laishan District Yantai City Government. The award is to recognize business enterprises who had paid greater than $3 million in 2018 taxation.


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Yantai is a coastal city located in Shandong Province, east China. It has a population of more than 7 million and GDP of $110 billion (2016). It was ranked No.19 in term of GDP of the Top 100 Cities in China (2016).

Laishan District locates in the heart of Yantai City and now hosts Yantai City Hall, key government agencies, Yantai University and other universities. Based on local government planning, only Hi-Tech companies and/or manufacturing factories with minimum environment footprints can operate within the district.