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Newater Technology Inc. Announces its 6th Anniversary Celebration
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Newater Technology Inc. Announces its 6th Anniversary Celebration

YANTAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2018 / Newater Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEWA) ("NEWA," "we," "our," or the "Company"), a developer, service provider and manufacturer of membrane filtration products and related hardware and engineered systems that are used in the treatment, recycling and discharge of wastewater, via its wholly owned subsidiary, YantaiJinzheng Eco-Technology Co. Ltd. ("Jinzheng"), today announced its sixth anniversary celebration.

During the past six years, the company grew from 4 employees at its inception to more than 200 employees. Its operations expanded from 30 square meters to approximately over 27,000 square meters when its new manufacturing facilities are fully completed (Jinzheng Industry Park).

On July 5, 2018, NEWA hosted events at its headquarters in Yantai, China.

Display (signing corner) showing photos of all employees.

Before the celebration, the employees lined up to enter the conference hall.

Mr. Yuebiao Li, the Chairman and CEO of NEWA signed his name on the signing corner.

The employees signed their names as part of the proud NEWA family.

The two hosts announced the opening of the celebration.

Senior management team gave a speech about the company's performance.


Department directors announced awards to outstanding employees.

Mr. Yuebiao Li, Chairman and the CEO gave out awards to outstanding employees.

The outstanding employee group gave a speech.
During the rapid growth of NEWA, there were outstanding employees who were the catalysts of NEWA's growth.


Mr. Yuebiao Li, Chairman and the CEO, gave a speech at the ceremony.

Mr. Li first thanked those employees who were still at work and could not be present at the ceremony. He said the growth of the company was due to the effort of all the employees.

Mr. Li remarked "The goals and vision of Newater are consistent: we are committed to the high-quality recycling and re-use of renewable water resources. We are striving to be a leader in the membrane filtration industry. We are taking steps to help reduce environmental pollution. I would like every one of our NEWA's family members to keep this in mind. We are here not just because we have our jobs, but because we are working towards the common goals and vision."

Looking forward to the future of NEWA, Mr. Li encouraged all NEWA's employees to develop their sense of ownership, improve their sense of responsibility, keep up with the company's developments, and achieve the company's ambitious goals together.


The photo of NEWA's family at the 6th anniversary celebration.


About Newater Technology, Inc.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Yantai, China, Newater, operating its business through its wholly owned subsidiary Jinzheng, specializes in the development, manufacture and sale of DTRO (Disk Tube Reverse Osmosis) and DTNF (Disk Tube Nano-Filtration) membranes for waste water treatment, recycling and discharge. Newater provides integrated technical solutions in engineering support and installation, technical advice and water purification services, and other project-related solutions to turn wastewater into valuable clean water.

The Company's products can be used across a wide spectrum of industries, including:

-Leachate from landfills
-Power plant waste water
-Wastewater from oil fields
-Wastewater from gas production
-High acid wastewater

More information about the Company can be found at:

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