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Research & Development

R & D for innovative solutions

Two nationally recognized major environmental protection equipment, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology

Projects undertaken: two major projects of Shandong Provincial Programs for Fundamental Research and Development

R & D platforms:

Industrial Designing Center of Shandong Province

Municipal Enterprise Technology Centre, Yantai City

Municipal Disk Tube Reverse Osmosis (DTRO) Engineering Laboratory, Yantai City

Number of Patents granted: 19

Number of software copyrights: 10

Number of patent applications in 2018: 21 (7 invention patent applications)  

Participating in the drafting of 5 China national standards in the field of separation membranes:

l Test method for Zeta potential of nanofiltration membrane surface-streaming potential method (ranked second in China)


l Measurement method for pore size of porous membrane: standard particle method20162552-T-469)


l Evaluation method for service life of hollow fiber membrane (20153736-T-469)


l Test methods for leakage of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration devices (20141666-T-469)


l Test method for anti-chloride characteristics of household-type RO & NF membrane modules



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