Mr. LI Yuebiao
Managing Director

He entered the membrane water treatment industry in March 2000, founded Yantai Jinzheng Eco-Technology Co., Ltd (NEWA) in 2012, and led NEWA to achieve NASDAQ listing in 2017, and is now the general manager of the company.

Mr Li Yuebiao adheres to the concept of doing only one thing in his life, insists on the mission of water recycling and environmental improvement, and is committed to leading NEWA to become wastewater reuse leading company worldwide.

Under his leadership, after more than 20 years of continuous expansion, NEWA has launched innovative special membrane products such as acid-resistant flat membrane, high-temperature-resistant flat membrane, etc., relying on its own flat membrane coating technology, and has built a production line for membrane materials.

With the innovative water treatment process package technology of "Destabilisation Coupled Flat Membrane", which won the first prize of Shandong Province Patent Award and has been successfully applied in many industries, company has been successfully selected as a National Unicorn Enterprise in 2022 with its excellent comprehensive strength and market prospect, and has become the only enterprise in water treatment industry to be awarded with this honor.