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Founded in 2012, Newater Technology, Inc. operate its business in China through its subsidiary Yantai Jinzheng Eco-Technology Co., Ltd. We are a wastewater purification treatment company that focuses on the development, manufacture and sale of DTRO and DTNF membrane filtration products that are used in the treatment, recycling and discharge of wastewater. The company also supplies hardware and engineered systems necessary to implement integrated solutions. The company provides engineering support and installation, technical advice and service, and other project-related solutions to filter wastewater into valuable, clean water. Our DTRO expertise enables us to develop an array of core materials and technologies that can be applied in a variety of ways to solve complex filtration, separation and purification challenges related to wastewater treatment. The company also offers traditional wastewater treatment solutions, such as activated carbon and resins. The products can be used across a wide spectrum of industries that include a wastewater treatment component and applications to treat wastewater for discharge or filtration into high quality, re-useable clean water, including treatment of leachate from landfills, treatment of power plant wastewater, treatment of wastewater from oilfields, treatment of wastewater from gas production, treatment of high acid wastewater, treatment of high alkali wastewater and desalination.
Our proprietary materials and technologies, combined with our ability to engineer and incorporate them into fully integrated systems, leads us to believe that we are one of the leading providers of DTRO and DTNF membranes technology. Our DTRO membrane technology was identified by China’s Science and Technology Promotion Center of Ministry of Water Resources as a key technology for turning wastewater into high quality clean water.
We actively pursue markets and applications in which our products can make a substantial difference to customers. These capabilities also allow us to develop new and innovative products and enter new markets, such as industrial park wastewater treatment, municipality wastewater recycling, and seawater desalination.
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