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Become Wastewater Reuse Leading Company Worldwide
Coal Mine Water
Coal mining produces a large amount of mine water, which not only brings certain pressure to the ecological protection of mining areas, but also causes the waste of water resources. Coal mine water is mostly high mineralization mine water, total dissolved solids TDS ≥ 1000 mg / L which cannot be used after simple treatment; at the same time, direct discharge will cause surface erosion, salinization, vegetation withering, etc., for this reason a number of environmental authorities have set limits on TDS in mine water discharges, more and more areas require mine water zero liquid discharge.
Coal Chemical Wastewater
High briny wastewater contains a variety of substances, including salt, oil, organic heavy metals and radioactive substances, etc., of which the salts include NaCl, NaSO₄ , CaSO₄ and so on. This kind of wastewater, due to the different sources, contains more types of organic salts concentrated in the substance, and the chemical properties are more different. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a suitable treatment process according to its characteristics
Municipal Park Sewage
Simple pre-treatment, only need to remove large particulate impurities, strong anti-pollution ability, long chemical cleaning cycle.Short process, simple control, system recovery rate 85-95%, small footprint, footprint reduce by 30% compared with same recovery rate UF+RO system.Good system stability, there is no ultrafiltration broken wire, membrane flux attenuation problems. OpEx reduce by 30-40%. 
Steel Coking Wastewater
NF coupled with destabilization system, NF coupled with cryocrystallisation;Resistant to high COD, high hardness, high TDS and other complex water quality;NF Desalination synchronized with COD concentration, reduce through mother liquor;Compared with UF+RO process, the chemicals reduce by 50%, and the overall operation cost reduces by 20%~30%.
Landfill Leachate
Apply “Pre-treatment + DTRO + Evaporation & Drying” treatment process, shorter process, high resistance to water impact loads, operational;Standardized modular equipment, small footprint construction cycle is greatly reduced, mobile equipment with a strong contingency;Recovery rate≥95%, dry cured solids water content<30%, curing packaging backfill.