Business Area
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Landfill leachate
NEWA is using “pre-treatment + 2 Pass DTRO system” process. This process has a few advantages such as simple pre-treatment, short process, high recovery rate, and short construction period. Recovery rate is increased from 64% to more than 75% compared with traditional process.
Coal mine water
NEWA is using patented destabilization technology and make effectively combination of "destabilization process" and " membrane concentration technology" to reduce the amount of softening agent and output of softened sludge and solid salt, in order to save operation cost
Industrial Park Wastewater
NEWA has achieved a single DTRO container system processing capacity of 1000m³ / d, by integrating technologies such as multi-pass centrifugal pressurization and energy recovery, it achieved two major innovations in DTRO system integration, and successfully applied it in high brine wastewater field.
Municipal / Industrial Park Wastewater Reuse
NEWA is using new process method CDRO(Circular Disc Reverse Osmosis) to replace UF+RO, It has a few advantages such as high system recovery rate, small footprint, simple operation and convenient maintenance. Overall operating energy consumption is reduced by 10%, dosage of agent is reduced by 50%, and operating cost is reduced by 20%.
Steel / Coking / Chemical Wastewater
NEWA is using “CDRO + low pressure DTRO + high pressure DTRO” process method, effectively achieve deep concentration of steel wastewater, reduce subsequent evaporation investment and energy consumption.
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